Welcome to East Phillips Mighty Network

Join your neighbors in East Phillips for the purpose of communication and coordination.

About Us

East Phillips Mighty Network is made up of residents of East Phillips (in Minneapolis Minnesota) interested in having a space to communicate in sharing resources; coordinating around important issues such as affordable housing and urban agriculture; planning community events and more.

Why You Should Join Us

A few things we can create together using this Mighty Networks platform:

  • We can organize smaller groups around specific topics, like community gardens, community safety, health and healing, housing etc.
  • We can create polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more people into conversation in a space that's all our own.
  • We can use Topics to organize our activity, Search to find what you're looking for, and save a post to quickly come back to your favorites.
  • We can organize virtual sessions and events.
  • We can keep conversations and messaging going before, during, and after our events.